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Melissa Bo Yagmur


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mxdisigh: hey! i saw that you havent read any fanfics apart from Dark, if youre ever interested, just hit me up, ive got plenty of AMAZING fanfics!

No we have read plenty of fanfics apart from dark but thanks -Melissa

Anonymous: What's your favourite fanfiction? :)

I’ve only ever read Dark. I’m such a loser. I can’t get into other fics….


Anonymous: Can remove the post about permission to translate into Russian, please? It's very necessary. Thanks. (:

did i delete them all?


thisissohardwhy: Do you have an recommendations for any other Harry Styles/ One Direction FanFictions?

After is a really amazing one, plus it’s finished so you don’t have to wait for updates, possessive, baby doll, hired for styles, there’s sooo many on wattpad if you just look up like “Harry styles” or “one direction” there will be a bunch that come up and usually they are very good😁 - Melissa

Anonymous: How long did it take Hannah to upload every part of 'Dark'?

A loooooong time, like over a year I think:)-Melissa

Anonymous: How long is it going to take for the whole of knockout to be written if the chapters are hardly updated.

ha, probably like 2 years.. lolz thats only if its 24 chapters…. XP


Anonymous: I can't find the chapters for knockout.. Can you help?

I’m on mobile but if you add /knockout to the end of our URL it’ll bring you to the page with all the chapters or you can go to and the chapters will be in read more posts…..

Anonymous: Do you guys like where knockout is headed or did u enjoy the set up of Dark more?

I’m not entirely sure… Lol I like the couply moments in dark but I think knockout is gonna be more action and have more of a storyline…

Anonymous: Wait chapter 5 went up? Can you post a link I can't find it!

It’s on